e-LIT - Bridging the Digital Divide

We provide accessible interactive educational content on digital literacy skills; equipping people with the skills to live, learn, work and contribute in our modern digital societies.

We improve the quality of life of people by removing the barriers restricting them from partaking effectively in our rapidly growing digital world.

We seek to get everyone included, involved and accustomed to living in a modern digital age.

Come along and join us, the 21st Century needs you!

The Problem


Difficult to access

Unstandardized content

Lack of reward

What We Deliver

Accessible and interactive content

Quality low bandwidth content, delivered in bite sized chunks with interactive elements for a greater learning experience. Optimised to work on numerous devices, and made accessible to out of reach rural communities.

Community inclusion

Platform used as a means to foster inclusion into communities and a wider modern digital society.

Reward orientated courses

Tangible rewards offered upon reaching set goals within the course, and acknowledged certificates by world class institutions offered upon completion of course.


Access to educational course content at no cost to the user.

Contact Us

ABVenture zone, MacRobert Building,
University of Aberdeen